Secure Domain Providers

DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) protects consumers by allowing registrars to digitally sign records served from the Domain Name System (DNS). The digital signature prevents unauthorized (modified or corrupted) records from reaching the end user, thus protecting them when network operators use DNSSEC validation on their resolvers that handle DNS lookups. In this way, end user vulnerability to certain types of cyber-attacks is decreased, helping to protect Internet users. DNSSEC is a mature technology that’s widely supported in DNS software, and enabled by default on modern resolvers. The more the extensions are used and rolled out, the more additional value and security they provide. This is why ISPA encourages DNSSEC use.


Registers domains with DNSSEC records when the client requests it.

Provides domain name servers which are DNSSEC enabled for clients to use to host their signed domains.

Encourages clients to use signed domains by default.

Provides clients with resolvers supporting DNSSEC.

Company’s website domain signed using DNSSEC