TENET operates South Africa's National Research and Education Networking (NREN). Our network and related services are geared towards the niche requirements of the higher education sector, specifically the public universities and statutory research councils. We ensure South Africa is able to connect to and actively participate in large-scale global research projects. TENET is a non-profit company and public benefit organisation.
TENET is a Backbone member of ISPA
and has been a member since 2001-03-07
Member details
Website: https://www.tenet.ac.za
Support email:
Support phone: +27.21.763.7147
Alternative phone: +27.21.763.7140
Licences: 0130/IECNS/MAR/09
Compliance information
Registered name: Tertiary Education and Research Network of South Africa NPC
Physical address: 3rd Floor
DBM Gardens
Golf Park
Raapenberg Road
Mowbray 7700
Cape Town
Abuse email:
Compliance statements
TENET is a proud member of ISPA and upholds the ISPA Code of Conduct for all products and services offered in South Africa.
TENET has nominated ISPA as its agent for the purpose of receiving take-down notifications in terms of Section 75 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.
TENET has indicated that it registers Internet domain names in the name of its clients.
Services offered
User defined additions
National Research & Education Network
 Member registers domains with DNSSEC records when requested.
 Member encourages the use of DNSSEC for domains.
 Member provides access to resolvers that support DNSSEC.
 Member's website domain is DNSSEC signed.