ISPA Inspires Bursary Programme

Applications for the ISPA Inspires 2022 bursary programme opened on the 1’st of September 2021, and closed on the 1’st of October, 2021.

The programme, in its second year as of November 2021, represents ISPA’s latest contribution towards boosting South Africa’s pool of ICT talent. We believe it is important to encourage and assist our youth to enter the ICT Sector, which will drive the future economy through technological innovation and economic growth.

Students applying for a bursary are required to provide their personal particulars, a compelling motivation, and comprehensive CV including academic records and personal references.

After a decade and a half of investing in teachers, ISPA is now working towards the development of the country’s youth. The Association has called on its members to support the ISPA Inspires bursary programme with the same energy and enthusiasm that previously made the teachers training programme a great success.

A total of 288 valid applications (out of more than 600) were received for the inaugural ISPA Inspires bursary programme, which was launched in December 2020. Two outstanding candidates were awarded bursaries in March 2021, covering not only their fees but also laptops and books as well. More information about the 2020 winners can be found here.

ISPA is confident that this programme will continue to grow and contribute meaningfully to ICT skills in South Africa.

More information about “ISPA Inspires” social development outreach can be found at