Mediation process

ISPA’s Mediation and Complaints process

ISPA operates a mediation and complaints process on behalf of ISPA’s members. In a nutshell, this gives customers of ISPA members an opportunity to escalate a dispute with a member to ISPA for attempted resolution. If the mediation process does not resolve the problem, and the member concerned has not complied with ISPA’s Code of Conduct, a formal complaint can be lodged.

The mediation process

You can lodge a mediation request by clicking here. If for some reason you can’t use the web form, you can also contact complaints (at), but the web form will always give you a faster response as we won’t need to recapture your request.

The goal of the mediation process is for ISPA to assist you in getting the underlying problem resolved with the ISPA member concerned. To this end, ISPA tries to collect as much information about the situation as possible, up front. On the initial form, you will be asked to identify the type of problem you are experiencing. Once the ISPA team receives your request, we will send you a follow-up email in which we ask you a number of additional questions specific to the type of problem you are having.

Once we have collected as much useful information as we can, you will be given the option of either being put in touch with a representative from the ISPA member, who will try to resolve the problem, or you can request that ISPA attempt to resolve the problem with the member on your behalf. You will be given an opportunity to review the resolution suggested by the ISPA member.

Key points about the mediation process

  • ISPA can only try to assist you with problems involving a member of ISPA. We can’t assist with queries about services by non-members, or with general Internet problems, scams or legal advice.
  • In order for us to be able to try to help you, you will need to give us permission to share the information you provide to us with the member concerned. The more information about the problem you are able to share with us, the greater the chances that we will be able to help.
  • If you have already lodged a complaint against the ISPA member in another forum (for example, with ICASA), please do not lodge a mediation request with ISPA. We cannot assist with complaints that are already under the jurisdiction of another regulatory body.
  • The process is not instant. It may take some time for ISPA to understand the details of your problem, and it will take some time for us to engage with the member concerned. We process all requests as quickly as we can, but urge you to be patient.

What happens if the mediation process is unsuccessful?

If your complaint is not successfully resolved by the mediation process, and there is evidence that the ISPA member concerned may have acted in breach of ISPA’s Code of Conduct then you will have the option of escalating the matter to a formal complaint. A formal complaint is reviewed by an independent adjudicator, who provides ISPA with a report on the member’s conduct and may impose a sanction and/or require that the member remedy the problem.

How soon should I hear back from ISPA?

In general, we try to respond to all mediation requests within 48 hours (two working days). If more time than this has passed and you have not heard back from us, you are welcome to get in touch with complaints (at) If you provide the reference number you were given at the time you logged your request, we should be able to provide you with prompt feedback on the status of your request.