ISPA Fellowship Programme

The ISPA Fellowship Programme recognises professionals in the Internet services sector, and provides individuals with access to information, activities and events, without requiring that those individuals join ISPA as members. ISPA’s members benefit from this programme by gaining access to a broader pool of industry professionals, and through the contributions made by Fellows to ISPA’s structures and submissions.

To apply to become an ISPA Fellow, click here.

Benefits of becoming an ISPA Fellow

Individuals recognised by ISPA as ISPA Fellows gain the following benefits:

  • Association with a credible and recognised Internet industry body
  • Opportunities to network and interact with ISPA members
  • Ability to contribute to ISPA’s submissions on Internet policy
  • Access to the ISPA document library
  • Access to most ISPA mailing lists available to ISPA members
  • Participation in ISPA events, activities and workshops

ISPA Fellows are also encouraged to consider volunteering on ISPA working groups and structures, where appropriate.

The difference between an ISPA Member and an ISPA Fellow

Unlike an ISPA Member, an ISPA Fellow is not entitled to vote on ISPA matters, or participate in the election of ISPA office bearers. ISPA is a recognised Industry Representative Body (IRB). This grants all ISPA members immunity for third party content, but also places compliance obligations on all members. Since an ISPA Fellow is not a member of ISPA, neither the special legal protections nor the compliance obligations apply.

Who can become an ISPA Fellow?

Anyone who is an Internet industry professional may apply to become an ISPA Fellow. In addition, ISPA may extend invitations to potential Fellows at its discretion. Fellows do not need to be located in South Africa. Good candidates for the fellowship programme include:

  • Individuals previously associated with an ISPA member, who are still actively involved in the sector, but not currently associated with a particular member.
  • Elected directors of ISPA who are not associated with a particular ISPA member.
  • Participants in Internet sector internship programmes who aim to become industry professionals.
  • Individuals active in the Internet industry locally or internationally who are interested in growing the sector.
  • Undergraduates and postgraduates entering or planning to enter the ISP sector.

How does someone become an ISPA Fellow?

Anyone may apply to become an ISPA Fellow via the application form on the ISPA website. ISPA may also extend an invitation to apply to specific individuals. Applications are reviewed monthly by ISPA’s Operations Committee, and fellowship applicants are promptly notified if their application has been accepted or declined.

How much does it cost to become a Fellow?

There is an annual fee of R1200.00 (excl. VAT). In special circumstances, ISPA may choose to waive this fee.