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directel is a proudly South African ICT (Information Communications and Technology) focussed organisation that specialises in providing business with total end-to-end solutions that cater for all communication needs. We recognise that every communications solution is unique. Thus, we strive to provide individualised, highly scalable, easily managed and secure systems based on market leading technologies that will add value, productivity and efficiency to our customers. Directel specialises in solutions aimed at small and medium sized enterprises. We strive to provide the functionality, capability and features more commonly associated with large enterprise solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a strong focus on unified communications and resiliency, our customers can now have the advantages of latest technologies without the overbearing costs.

directel is a small member of ISPA.

directel has indicated that they register domain names in the names of their clients.

Services Provided

Internet access services
Leased line access (dedicated 64k+)
DSL access
Wireless access
Mobile access
Hosting services
Managed server hosting (client has access to an ISP managed server)
Miscellaneous services
VoIP services
Virtual private network (VPN) services
Network management
Hardware provision
Routers (rental)
Wireless equipment
Security services
Hardware firewalls

Contact Info


Support email:

Abuse email:

Customer support: +27 100 150 150

Alternate number: +27 87 610 0500

Fax: n/a

Joined: 2013-06-26

Licenses Held: ECNS & ECS

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