Welcome to the Internet Service Providers’ Association

Please note that the Secretariat closes on the 13th December 2024 and opens again on 2nd January 2025. You are welcome to complete the application forms, lodge requests, or contact us, however these queries will only be processed when the Secretariat opens again in the new year.

ISPA is a South African non profit company, and recognised Internet industry representative body. Formed in 1996, ISPA has historically served as an active industry body, facilitating exchange between the different independent Internet service providers, ICASA and other government structures, operators and other service providers in South Africa.

Latest Press Releases

Two FNOs move up, four FNOs move down & smaller operators praised by ISPs

Internet industry association ISPA has released the results of its most recent Fibre Network Operator (FNO) perception survey and they indicate slipping confidence in FNOs. The survey measures the views of the internet industry association’s members on SA’s many FNOs and some 50 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) participated in the February 2024 poll. ISPA’s members […]

Maile Selala and Ruchelle Coetzee Awarded ISPA Inspires Sponsorships

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2024 ISPA Inspires educational sponsorship programme. This transformative initiative is designed to empower South African youth aspiring to make their mark in the dynamic world of the internet industry. ISPA Inspires is ISPA’s commitment to providing the support and resources necessary […]

ISPA Questions Aggressive Reductions in Fixed Call Termination Rates

ISPA, South Africa’s official internet Industry Representative Body (IRB), questions recently announced aggressive reductions in fixed call termination rates. ISPA furthermore calls for implementation of the planned convergence of mobile and fixed call termination rates towards eventual parity. Call termination rates are fees charged by telecoms networks to ensure calls originally placed by a subscriber […]

Undersea Cable Breaks Highlight Resilient Networks, says ISPA

News that some local internet users have experienced slow speeds since an estimated four undersea telecoms cables connecting Africa to the world were severed is worthy of concern, however, the impact has been muted due to years of sustained investment in the South African web. The cables provide international connectivity between South Africa and Europe, […]