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Please note that the Secretariat closes on the 15th December 2023 and opens again on 3 January 2023. You are welcome to complete the application forms, lodge requests, or contact us, however these queries will only be processed when the Secretariat opens again in the new year.

ISPA is a South African non profit company, and recognised Internet industry representative body. Formed in 1996, ISPA has historically served as an active industry body, facilitating exchange between the different independent Internet service providers, ICASA and other government structures, operators and other service providers in South Africa.

iWeek is returning in the week of 12-15 March 2024.
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Latest Press Releases

FNOs Can do More to Support Consumer Choice

Fibre network operators (FNOs) can be a stumbling block for consumers trying to change ISPs, according to the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA). Many FNOs have inadequate procedures for fibre customers to change from one ISP to another, causing them to experience billing problems or extended periods without internet access. “Many fibre customers already have […]

How do ISPs Rate South Africa’s Fibre Network Operators?

Openserve, Metrofibre and Octotel are the fibre network operators (FNOs) most positively viewed by internet service providers (ISPs) responding to an FNO perception survey conducted by the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA). A total of 48 ISPs provided input to ISPA, which is focusing on ensuring that there is a smooth working relationship between FNOs […]

South Africa’s Leading Internet Industry Event Issues Call for Speakers

ZANOG@iWeek2024 has issued a call for speakers interested in presenting at South Africa’s oldest and most prestigious internet industry gathering. The last fully-fledged instalment of iWeek was co-hosted with SAFNOG in August 2019 and saw over 30 speakers engage with 423 attendees powered by some 5 500 cups of coffee. The March 2024 return of […]

Applications Open for the ISPA Inspires Educational Sponsorship 2023

South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) invites applications for its “ISPA Inspires Educational Sponsorship” for the 2024 academic year. Applications open TODAY, Tuesday, 1 August and will close on Friday, 1 September, 2023. Visit the ISPA Inspires website for more information and to register and submit your application. Sponsorship for the 2024 academic year […]