Welcome to the Internet Service Providers’ Association

ISPA is a South African non profit company, and recognised Internet industry representative body. Formed in 1996, ISPA has historically served as an active industry body, facilitating exchange between the different independent Internet service providers, ICASA and other government structures, operators and other service providers in South Africa.

Latest Press Releases

Be Respectful for Your Own Safety, ISPA Cautions SA Gamers

South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association is warning the country’s 11 million gamers to minimise their chances of being targeted for vindictive hacking by being respectful online. The global gaming industry has exploded under lockdown when it was already the third most popular entertainment genre in the world after books and gambling. Unfortunately, more people […]

Working From Home is Not All Coffee & Pyjamas

A recent survey by human resources consultants 21st Century reveals that most corporate employees are still using remote working tools to help beat COVID-19. South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA), however, cautions work from home employees that the high-speed data connections, Cloud-based file sharing and other remote working tools that enable the new normal […]

Make Your Home Cyber Safe for Children

The Internet Service Providers’ Association of SA (ISPA) says October is the ideal time for parents to turn their attention to making the home a cyber-safe stronghold. This month, countries across the world including South Africa are marking Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The fact that more of us are working from home during the current pandemic […]

Opportunity Knocks as Copper Bows Out

South Africa’s digitisation journey is gathering steam as Telkom’s wholesale division, Openserve, announces moves to decommission its copper network on an area-by-area basis in favour of new access mediums such as optic fibre. While Openserve cannot currently provide a fixed date for any particular area, limited decommissioning of the copper-based POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) […]