During 2001 ISPA decided to investigate sponsorship options in order to fund an Internet related training project. An ISPA task team was formed to identify the existing needs within the different areas of social development. After deliberation it was agreed to initiate a programme to assist in solving the computer literacy problems currently being experienced in schools. Several meetings were held between officials from the Gauteng Department of Education and members of the task team. It was agreed that teachers from the Johannesburg East District 9, one of 12 districts with the Gauteng Department of Education, would be given the opportunity to attend a basic PC Literacy training course.

The ISPA Management Committee approved the Social Development Pilot Project “Train the Teachers”.

An ISPA Social Development Committee was formed and ZA Central Registry formally known as UniForum SA kindly agreed to contribute an approximate amount of R20,000.00 per month. An ISPA/UniForum partnership was formed accordingly.

In 2018 ISPA formed a Social Development Working Group (SocDev WG) assists ISPA’s members in development needs by facilitating the use of technology and Internet access in education, through projects like the SuperTeacher programme. The SocDEv WG promotes skills development with a focus on critical and scarce skills within the Internet sector. Supporting ISPA’s members to achieve their skills development, employment equity and B-BBEE goals

ISPA’s Social Development Programme

Over 3000 teachers have completed the Teachers Training course. This would not have been possible without the support of Uniforum SA,  Avuxeni Computer Academy, Netday, or the Future Foundation in sponsoring teachers. For every teacher sponsored, it becomes possible to extend the training to a further 60 who can benefit from the course.

Since 2004 ISPA has been awarding a Super Teacher of the Year award to the educator who has excelled in using technology in the classroom. In 2019 to the competition shifted its focus to the development of curriculum content.