Wholesale services

Policy on sharing wholesale service information

Published 2016-05-11

From time to time, ISPA is asked by licensed operators to share information about their products and services with ISPA’s general membership. We believe that making information of that sort available to members is beneficial and promotes competition in the sector. We are, however, sensitive that ISPA should not be seen as marketing any one particular operator’s services. It is also important for an industry association to be cautious in discussions of the pricing of services, since there is a risk of inadvertent anti-competitive behaviour.

In order to be transparent, here is ISPA’s policy on sharing information on wholesale products and services (that is, products and services which are targeted at ISPs to be used to build retail offerings):

– ISPA will happily share information about wholesale services with its members, provided that it is general in nature and does not constitute a specific commercial offer. In short, this means that the information about products and services should not include any pricing information.

  • It is fine if the information provided says “contact xxx for pricing for these services”.
  • It is also okay for a company to request feedback on how a proposed wholesale offering is going to be structured before that offering has been finalised.
  • ISPA actively encourages both members and non-members alike who have information about wholesale offerings they wish to share with members to send that information to ISPA.
  • ISPA will use an internal discussion list to circulate this information to members. If you are an ISPA member, and wish to subscribe yourself or your colleagues to this list, please let us know.
  • Commercial offers (including pricing information) can still be freely distributed to subscribers of ISPA’s general adverts mailing list. That list should not be used for the discussion of any offers posted there.

If you have any questions about this notice or if you have information about wholesale services, please contact secretariat@ispa.org.za.