FNO Perception Surveys

ISPA conducts biannual surveys of its members’ perceptions of each of the Fibre Network Operators (FNOs). ISPs are asked to rate each FNO against eleven metrics and the results are published on the ISPA website.

ISPA Fibre Network Operators surveys

1 August 2023 FNO survey results Press release
2 February 2024 FNO survey results

If you are an ISPA member, you can participate in the FNO perception surveys via the ISPA member portal when the next survey takes place.

If you are an FNO and you’d like to to promote the survey to your ISPs please direct them to this page. If you are an FNO and you’d like ISPA to send your full results for the most recent survey, please contact the ISPA Secretariat team.