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How do ISPs Rate South Africa’s Fibre Network Operators?

Published on: 2023-09-05

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Openserve, Metrofibre and Octotel are the fibre network operators (FNOs) most positively viewed by internet service providers (ISPs) responding to an FNO perception survey conducted by the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA).

A total of 48 ISPs provided input to ISPA, which is focusing on ensuring that there is a smooth working relationship between FNOs and ISPs underpinned by open access principles that allow South Africans a choice of providers.

For the FNOs that were rated by more than ten ISPs, the following results stood out:

  • Openserve scored the highest for value for money (7.1), reliability (8.4), technical proficiency (7.4), optimism about the future (6.9) and likelihood of recommending the network to other ISPs (7.3).
  • Metrofibre had the highest scores for friendliness of staff (7.4) and business processes (7.2).
  • Octotel came in on top for support (7.3) and software systems (7.4).
  • Two operators, Openserve and Link Africa, shared the highest score (7.3) for adhering to open access principles, while Metrofibre and Frogfoot tied for best communications (6.7).

ISPA asked its members to rate each FNO based on a number of metrics, with scores from 0-10. The table below shows the average scores across all metrics for the FNOs rated by more than ten ISPs:

FNO Average score
Openserve 7.0
Metrofibre 6.8
Octotel 6.8
Frogfoot 6.3
Vumatel 6.0
Link Africa 5.9
Dark Fibre Africa 5.8

Overall, ISPs rated the technical proficiency, reliability and staff of FNOs the highest, while poor support and communications tended to drag down the scores. FNOs rated by fewer ISPs generally scored lower overall scores, but Link Layer (6.1) and TT Connect (6.0) both fared well overall and were rated by more than five ISPs.

For the full table of results, click here.

ISPA has spent the last year engaging with its members and FNOs to develop a set of Fibre Network Operator and Internet Service Provider Best Practice Recommendations designed to ensure that FNOs and ISPs work together to deliver seamless, cost-effective fibre-based internet services to South Africans. These recommendations are being finalised and will be released shortly.

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