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ISPA Inspires Educational Sponsorship Winner Announcement

Published on: 2023-04-12

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The Internet Service Providers’ Association of South Africa (ISPA) is proud to announce the recipients of the ISPA Inspires 2023 award: Thembelihle Mzobe and Mduduzi Shangase.

Thembelihle is a 24 year old Durban University of Technology graduate with a Diploma in ICT business analysis. Throughout her studies she demonstrated passion for self empowerment and furtherance of her personal and academic goals. She believes education is a necessity, that it builds upon one’s ability to think critically, it is enjoyable, challenging, and beneficial in fulfilling her future aspirations.

Thembelihle found that the business analysis course in ICT was most unique as it helped  prepare and provided her with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in IT. She has taken the first step to achieving her dream and wishes to further enhance her skills and education with an advanced diploma in ICT. She believes that it will increase her access to job opportunities as well as enable her to personally grow within her desired career.

Mduduzi is studying towards an advanced diploma in Information Communication Technology at the Durban University of Technology. He is an ambitious young software developer, a dedicated, innovative and hardworking student, having achieved an aggregate of 73% in his most recent exams. He is self-motivated and makes continuous efforts to improve himself. He has served as a representative of DUT Insika Mans Network and is currently appointed as an application development 3 tutor.

”It is abundantly clear that South Africa has talented youth ready to take on the challenges of the country,” says Aurora Vani, Chairperson of ISPA’s Social Development Working Group.

ISPA fosters relationships with these top achievers through, inter alia, sponsoring student membership with industry bodies such as the Institute of Information Technology Professionals (IITPSA). Further, ISPA’s members are able to continue supporting these students by providing additional funding and/or  by considering them for employment opportunities.

“Technology and the Internet creates a network that has brought people together to work towards creating solutions. This has resulted in development that has moved at speeds that were unfathomable over 50 years ago. ISPA hopes to leverage off the creative thinking of the youth today and encourage their development to meet the challenges of the future” says Ms Vani.

The ISPA Inspires Educational Sponsorship is an initiative supporting young individuals pursuing a career in the ICT Sector. ISPA’s members have started to make use of the short listed applicants in the  ISPA Inspires database to assist and to meet their B-BEE Skills development targets.

ISPA is proud to be able to assist these students to fast-track achievement of their personal and professional goals, and wishes all the other applicants good luck and success with their studies.

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