Press release: International Internet Meeting Held at iWeek

Published on: 2010-09-16

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(Cradle of Humankind, South Africa, 16 September 2010) — Internet industry associations from five continents gathered near Johannesburg, South Africa this week for the third meeting of the International Internet Industry Alliance (IIIA).

The IIIA is an alliance created to facilitate communication and information-sharing among national and regional associations that represent companies engaged in Internet connectivity, content and commerce. The Alliance provides a global forum to share information about Internet policy and best practices.

“The Internet industry is coming together on a global basis to share insights and experiences relating to complex issues of Internet policy,” says spokesperson Peter Coroneos, who is also the chief executive of the Internet Industry Association in Australia. “Collectively, the participants in the Alliance represent approximately 200,000 Internet companies across five continents servicing a third of the world’s population.”

Participation in the Alliance is open to any legitimate national or regional organisations representing Internet companies.

The South African meeting coincided with that nation’s annual Internet conference, iWeek. Topics discussed by the Alliance included digital inclusion – helping to bring all of the world’s peoples online; Internet security; copyrights and limitations on intermediary liability; the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA); and combating cybercrime.

Alliance participants ratified a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which encourages the exchange of information and communication on topics of mutual interest. The IIIA agreed to hold its next annual meeting in August 2011.

About the IIIA

Formed in 2007, the International Internet Industry Alliance (IIIA) fosters communication on best practices and policies related to the Internet. It does not set policy for any nation or region, but rather strives through shared information to make global Internet policy more consistent and effective.

Further Information

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