Annél van der Walt

Board member

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Annél is a dynamic, seasoned, and experienced senior legal specialist who is dynamic and functions in a fast-paced commercial environment.

She always provides expert legal advice and representation to businesses on various legal matters. She has experience in the Public Sector (South Africa) ICT & Energy (South Africa), Medical Contract Negotiation (USA, UK, Poland, Asia, South Africa), Transport & Railway (UK) Commodities – Petroleum (Middle East, UK & Africa) and Construction & Mining (Africa).

She expanded her career in technology, with specific aim in diversifying enterprise communication systems. In every business she has been involved in she focused on consistent innovation to react quickly and dynamically to market changes.

Annél views empowerment as a strategic imperative and a vital component to the continued sustainability of any enterprise’s operations.

Transformation remains a key pillar and primary driver across all aspects of her career. She is a visionary in the Technology industry and Market leader in the compliance environment.

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