Imagine IPS

Imagine IPS is an infrastructure and service provider offering IP based solutions to ISP's, USAL's and Voice carriers since our inception in 1999. We also offer a wide range of solutions to business and residential customers including Colocate / Server Hosting and Website Hosting, Uncapped ADSL and Capped ADSL, and Private Leased Line Circuits such as Diginet, Neolink and Metronet. We also offer a full support division to handle maintenance and support of client systems.

Internet access services
Leased line access (dedicated 64k+)
DSL access
Wireless access
Mobile access
Dial-up or ISDN access

Hosting services
Web site hosting (site hosted on ISP's server)
Server hosting (hosting of client's server on ISP's network)
Managed server hosting (client has access to an ISP managed server)

Miscellaneous services
VoIP services
Domain name services
Virtual private network (VPN) services
Virtual ISP services
Network management

Hardware provision
Routers (rental)
Routers (sales)
Servers (sales)

Security services
Software firewalls
Hardware firewalls

Contact Details

Tel: 010 500 1200 or 087 550 1200
Fax: +27 (0) 87 606 4066
Email: queries [at]