BITCO IS A LEADER IN IP PBX AND CALL CENTRE TELECOMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS. Our purpose is to provide superior VoIP telephony solutions to a broad market, ranging from small and medium size enterprises to call centre’s and multi-branch operations. In designing, building and implementing cost effective and sustainable telephony solutions with our highly-skilled team of experts, we can confidently ensure that our customers reap the rewards of long-term improved productivity and reduced operating costs. Through the use of the most progressive technology available via open standards, we are able to consistently deliver customized services such as IP communication solutions, wholesale voice termination and last mile connectivity. At BitCo, we understand that businesses operate in an ever-changing environment and can thus offer the flexibility, scalability and feature-rich IP telephony solutions to cater for our clients’ specific business and communication requirements

Internet access services
Leased line access (dedicated 64k+)
Wireless access

Hosting services
Server hosting (hosting of client's server on ISP's network)

Miscellaneous services
VoIP services
Virtual private network (VPN) services
Network management

Hardware provision
Routers (rental)
Servers (sales)

Security services
Software firewalls
Hardware firewalls

Other services

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