We offer personalised services to both Business and private individuals that incorporates internet services as well as full hardware and software support for various IT related solutions. We are also registered resellers for AVAST antivirus, ACRONIS backup, Nashua Mobile Services, VOX Telecoms! ARMit - Your Plain Language Computer Guys!

Internet access services
DSL access
Wireless access
Mobile access
Dial-up or ISDN access

Hosting services
Web site hosting (site hosted on ISP's server)
Server hosting (hosting of client's server on ISP's network)
Managed server hosting (client has access to an ISP managed server)

Miscellaneous services
VoIP services
Domain name services
Virtual private network (VPN) services
Virtual ISP services
Network management
Content design and development

Hardware provision
Routers (rental)
Routers (sales)
Servers (sales)
Wireless equipment
PCs and other consumer electronics

Security services
Software firewalls
Hardware firewalls
Security audits

Training services
Internet literacy
Network maintenance and operation
Advanced networking

Other services
Disaster Recovery service and Disaster Recovery Software
IT Network Support
Acronis Backup Solutions
Avast Antivirus Solutions
Nashua Mobile Solutions
VOX Telecoms Solutions

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Fax: +27 (0) 87 606 4066
Email: queries [at]