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Please complete the following form in order to make a complaint against an ISPA member for breach of ISPA’s Code of Conduct.

SPAM: if your complaint relates to unsolicited email, please read ISPA’s Guide to Identifying Spam before lodging a complaint.

Clauses Breached:
Please specify which clauses of the Code of Conduct have been breached.
B. Freedom of expression
C. Privacy and confidentiality
D. Consumer protection and provision of information to customers
E. Terms and conditions
F. Unsolicited communications (spam)
G. Cyber crime
H. Protection of minors and vulnerable persons
I. Lawful conduct
J. Unlawful content and activity
K. Voluntary codes of best practice
L. Compliance with the Code of Conduct

Please note that ISPA can only assist with complaints that relate to Internet services provided by an ISPA member.
I confirm that my complaint relates to an Internet service provided by an ISPA member.

Please provide specific information in regard to your complaint. If your complaint relates to spam please paste the full headers in this box.

If your complaint is against your service provider, please provide your account number or other reference number here.

If you have not already done so, ISPA encourages you to contact your service provider directly before lodging a complaint with ISPA.
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If you have already contacted the service provider, please provide feedback on why the service provider did not resolve the complaint to your satisfaction.

The above information is to my knowledge, true and correct and has been provided in good faith.

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