List of ISPA Regulatory Submissions

Regulatory submissions for 2015

2015-03-18  - ISPA Submissions on Reference Interconnect Offer Submitted to the Authority by MTN in Terms of the Call Termination Regulations 2014 (PDF)
2015-02-19  - ISPA Submission on Reference Interconnect Offers Submitted to the Authority by Vodacom and Telkom in Terms of the Call Termination Regulations 2014 (PDF)
2015-02-13  - ISPA’s submissions in respect of the draft amendments to the Radio Frequency Spectrum Licence Fee Regulations 2010 (PDF)
2015-02-02  - ISPA’s Submission in response to the National ICT Policy Discussion Paper (Options Paper) (PDF)

Regulatory submissions for 2014

2014-09-01  - ISPA submission ICT SMME Questionnaire (PDF)
2014-03-10  - ISPA Submission on End-User Subscriber Service Charter Regs (PDF)
2014-03-10  - ISPA Submission Draft Amendments to General Licence Fee Regulations (PDF)
2014-05-18  - ISPA Submission on Draft Code for People with Disabilities Regulations (PDF)
2014-06-23  - ISPA Submission on ICASA’s High-Level Inquiry into the State of Competition in the South African ICT Sector (PDF)

Regulatory submissions for 2013

2013-01-10  - ISPA Submissions on the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Amendment Bill, 2012 (PDF)
2013-05-15  - ISPA Submission in Respect of the Draft National Broadband Policy, 2012 (PDF)
2013-11-22  - ISPA Submission Draft Call Termination Regulations (PDF)

Regulatory submissions for 2012

2012-02-29  - Submission on Draft Policy Directions on Radio Frequency Spectrum for Electronic Communications Services in High Demand Spectrum and Exploitation of the Digital Dividend Spectrum (PDF)
2012-03-05  - Submission to the Department of Communications regarding the Draft National Development Plan (PDF)
2012-05-31  - ISPA National ICT Policy Submission (PDF)
2012-09-14  - ISPA Submissions on the Electronic Communications Amendment Bill, 2012 (PDF)
2012-10-12  - Submissions on Draft Frequency Migration Regulations and Draft Frequency Migration Plan, 2012 (PDF)
2012-12-05  - ISPA Submissions on Draft General License Fee Regulations, 2012 (PDF)
2012-12-07  - ISPA Submissions on the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act Amendment Bill, 2012 (PDF)

Regulatory submissions for 2011

2011-09-14  - Submission on ICASA’s Discussion Paper on the Framework for introducing Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) (PDF)

Regulatory submissions for 2010

2010-07-26  - Submission on ICASA’s Draft Numbering Plan (PDF)

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