INX Procedures


  1. INX admin
  2. Connecting to the INXes
  3. Port allocations and upgrade requests
  4. Non-members connecting to the INXes
  5. Getting physical access to the INX premises

INX admin

The “INX admin” team is referred to in these procedures. INX admin currently consists of:

  • Ant Brooks (ISPA staff)
  • Bretton Vine (ISPA staff)
  • Graham Beneke (INX WG co-chair)
  • Gregory Massel (Keeper of the Graphs)
  • Mark Elkins (Keeper of the DNS)
  • Riaan Vos (IS – INX host)
  • Rob Hunter (INX WG co-chair)

Connecting to the INXes

Here is the process to use to get connected to one of the INXes:

  1. To start with, make sure you are familiar with ISPA’s INX policies, since these govern the operation of the INXes. They are available here.
  2. a) If you are not already an ISPA member, then you should apply for membership here.
    b) Alternatively, if you want to connect to an INX but you do not want to be a member of ISPA, you should use the non-member INX application form here.
  3. You will now need to organize a physical connection to the relevant exchange. Some key information you might need for this is available here:
    JINX Information
    CINX Information
  4. This might also be a good time to contact the INX host regarding any cabling that might be necessary inside the INX environment. The contact details to do this are also available at the above links. The applicant will also need to give the INX host the required hand-off information (type of cable, connector etc). This information will be supplied by the INX admin team.
  5. Use the ISPA portal to request a new port allocation (see the “Upgrades and new port requests” procedure below).
  6. Once a port and IP address has been allocated, please update the following information on the ISPA portal:
    • Your ASN(s)
    • Any equipment you have installed at the INX
    • Technical contacts who may need access to the INX
    • Your interconnection policy
    • A peering policy contact
    • Any additional information about your network
  7. If you are an ISPA member, you might need to upgrade your membership category to match your allocated ports. You can do this via the “Upgrade options” link on the portal.

8. If you need to arrange access to the INX premises to install equipment, see the “Getting physical access to the INX premises” procedure below.

Important: equipment must be labelled with the following:

  • Your company name:
  • The contact number and email address for your NOC / technical contact:
  • Your device hostname:

9. Even before your connection to the INX is operational, you might want to begin contacting other participants to arrange interconnection agreements. Details of these policies and who to contact is available via the “Other policies” page on the ISPA portal.

Port allocations and upgrade requests

Here is the process a member or non-member uses to request a new port allocations or an upgrade/downgrade to an existing port:

  1. Members and non-members login to the ISPA portal.
  2. Port requests can be made via the “My JINX” and “My CINX” pages.
  3. Once a request is submitted, it goes to the INX admin team.
  4. For ISPA members, the request is approved automatically, unless there are technical reasons is cannot be approved. For non-members, the INX WG chair decides if a request is approved. If any request is not approved, feedback is provided to the applicant on the reasons why not.
  5. If a request is approved:
    a) The INX host (IS) allocates a switch port and an IPv4 address from the relevant INX block.
    b) The Secretariat updates the information stored on the INX admin portal.
    c) The Keeper of Graphs updates the relevant graphs.
  6. The INX admin team notifies the ISP that the request has been completed. The INX admin team will also notify the ISP of the required hand-off (cable type, connector etc). This information is needed by the INX host for the cabling to INX switch and by the ISP to know what interface their on-site device will need.

Non-members connecting to the INXes

Here is the process a non-member follows to apply for a connection to one of the INXes:

  1. The non-member completes a special application form on the ISPA web site:
  2. This application initially goes to the INX admin team.
  3. If the application seems valid, it then gets forwarded to the INX WG and the Membership WG. If it does not seem valid, the application is queried with the applicant.
  4. The INX WG chair must decide whether or not to approve the application, and should consult with INX WG.
  5. The Membership WG can object to an application if they have good reasons to do so.
  6. If either the INX WG chair or the Membership WG does not approve an application, then that application goes to Mancom to deal with.
  7. Once approved, the non-member is added to the database and gets access to the login.ispa site to maintain their information and make port allocation requests.

Getting physical access to the INX premises

Here is the process to use to arrange to arrange physical access to one of the INXes.

  1. Access will only be provided to listed INX technical contacts of ISPA’s members. Please make sure that you update your list of INX technical contacts on the INX portion of the ISPA portal.
  2. The INX host (Internet Solutions) has a strict security policy. Failure to supply correct details may prevent you from getting accessing the INX facilities.
  3. ISPA members must provide the INX host with at least 48 hours notice prior to the installation of new lines or equipment and at least 24 hours notice for access for other purposes.
  4. In the case of equipment failure, ISPA members connecting to the INXes may require emergency access to the INX facilities. In these circumstances, 48/24 hours notice is not required, but the host’s network operation centre must still be notified prior to the ISPA member arriving on site.
  5. To arrange access, email the following message:

    Subject: JINX IDC access on YYYY-MM-DD
    I require access to the JINX vault at Rosebank IDC Beta hosting zone on YYYY-MM-DD.


    Subject: CINX IDC access for YYYY-MM-DD
    I require access to the CINX vault at IDC 4 hosting zone on YYYY-MM-DD.

    Followed by:

    Details are as follows:
    Company: Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA)
    Please confirm that this is in order.

    Optionally, add:

    I will be bringing with me equipment/removing equipment.
    I require an IS technician to assist with patching/cabling.

  6. Take note of automatically generated ticket number. If no confirmation is received, phone +27 11 575 0055 and confirm telephonically.
  7. Arrive at the INX site and present both your ID and the ticket number. (Please don’t forget to take your ID book with you.)
  8. Ask for the key to the JINX or CINX vault. The key is kept by security (at the sign-in desk).

Emergency numbers: 086 050 5000 / +27 11 575 0055 / +27 82 234 5333

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