ComX Networks

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We are an ISP and managed service provider. Our main backhaul partner is openserve. We are also apart of a property developer firm for which we do all their fibre networks and internet allocation in their estates and apartment blocks, etc.

ComX Networks is a small member of ISPA.

ComX Networks has indicated that they register domain names in the names of their clients.

Services Provided

Internet access services
DSL access
Wireless access
Hosting services
Web site hosting (site hosted on ISP's server)
Server hosting (hosting of client's server on ISP's network)
Managed server hosting (client has access to an ISP managed server)
Miscellaneous services
VoIP services
Domain name services
Virtual private network (VPN) services
Virtual ISP services
Network management
Content design and development
Hardware provision
Routers (sales)
Servers (rental)
Servers (sales)
Wireless equipment
PCs and other consumer electronics
Security services
Software firewalls
Hardware firewalls
Training services
Network maintenance and operation
Advanced networking

Contact Info


Support email:

Abuse email:

Customer support: +0875.511.486

Alternate number: +0727.275.654

Fax: 086 219 5438

Joined: 2018-04-23

Licenses Held: 0941/CECS/OCT/2017

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