Tshinakie Technologies and Networks

We are an ISP working with Openserve, MTN and all major networks to provide Wi-Fi and fibre.
Tshinakie Technologies and Networks is a Small member of ISPA
and has been a member since 2023-08-07
Member details
Website: https://tshtech.co.za/
Support email: Sales@tshtech.co.za
Support phone: +27 (12) 343-2221
Fax: +27 (12) 343-2221
Licences: 1950/CECS/JUNE/2021 and 1950/CECNS/JUNE/2021
No: 2007/CECNS/AUG/2021
No: 2008/CECNS/AUG/2021
1949/CECS/JUNE/2021 and 1949/CECNS/JUNE/2021,
Compliance information
Registered name: Tshinakaho Communications Services
Physical address: 525 Reitz Street
Abuse email: abuse@tshtech.co.za
Compliance statements
Tshinakie Technologies and Networks is a proud member of ISPA and upholds the ISPA Code of Conduct for all products and services offered in South Africa.
Tshinakie Technologies and Networks has nominated ISPA as its agent for the purpose of receiving take-down notifications in terms of Section 75 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.
Tshinakie Technologies and Networks provides information on online safety for children.
Tshinakie Technologies and Networks has indicated that it registers Internet domain names in the name of its clients.
Services offered
Wholesale services
Open access fibre network
Mobile data
Virtual ISP
Hosting/cloud services
Email hosting
Website hosting (site hosted on ISP's servers)
Server hosting (client's hardware hosted on ISP's network)
Security services
Intrusion detection and prevention
General security consulting
Routers and switches
Mobile routers
VoIP handsets
Wifi equipment
Laptops and tablets
Phones and accessories