JINX Users

List of Johannesburg Internet Exchange Users

Name ASN Profile
AboutIT26422See Profile
Africa INX37179See Profile
AfriNIC33764Non Member
Altech Technology Concepts37253See Profile
Altonet26106See Profile
Ambronex37202See Profile
BCS-NetSee Profile
BitCo37358See Profile
Biznet Networks17451Non Member
Business Connexion ( Pty) Ltd7020See Profile
Business Services37549See Profile
CDNetworksNon Member
Cell C37168See Profile
Clickatell Pty (Ltd)37312Non Member
Community DNSNon Member
Comtel Communications37333See Profile
Cool IdeasSee Profile
Cybersmart (Pty) Ltd36874See Profile
Dotcoza36889See Profile
First Technology37422See Profile
FNB Connect37028See Profile
Frogfoot Networks22355See Profile
Hymax Talking Solutions 37413See Profile
Hymax Talking Solutions (Pty) LtdNon Member
iBurst33762See Profile
ICTGlobe Management (Pty) LtdSee Profile
Imagine IPS37157See Profile
Imaginet37159See Profile
Internet Solutions3741See Profile
ISC F-Root Servers27322Non Member
Liquid Telecommunications Operations SA 30844See Profile
Makeshift Trading 1146 t/a Bluedust Wireless37368See Profile
Maximum Networks (Pty) Ltd33763See Profile
Mimecast South Africa37235See Profile
MTN Business2905, 16637See Profile
Multisource Telecoms (Pty) LtdSee Profile
MWEB10474See Profile
NAPAfricaNon Member
Neotel36937See Profile
Netnod8674Non Member
Netvoip See Profile
Network Platforms See Profile
OTEL TelecomsSee Profile
Packet Clearing House42, 3856Non Member
PlatformitySee Profile
Posix Systems6083See Profile
Reflex Solutions See Profile
RSAWEBSee Profile
Smart Village See Profile
Switch TelecomSee Profile
TenetSee Profile
Vodacom SA36994Non Member
Vox Telecom11845See Profile
WebsenseNon Member
Workonline Communications See Profile
XDSL Broadband36916See Profile
ZACR6968See Profile

Contact Details

Tel: 010 500 1200 or 087 550 1200
Fax: +27 (0) 87 606 4066
Email: queries [at] ispa.org.za
Please note that the Secretariat closes on 16th December 2014 and opens again on 5th January 2015. You are welcome to complete application forms, lodge complaints, or contact us, however these queries will only be processed when the Secretariat opens again in the new year.